LYCATALK | Features

LYCATALK offers you the following features:

  • You can have a Conference Call using LYCATALK

  •     Using the conference call facility, you can connect to three people at the same time.
        So a maximum of four people can talk at the same time.
        You can speak to your friends/ family in three different countries/ cities/ places using  
        our call conference service.
  • You can SAVE your phone number and make Quick and Easy calls from your mobile.

    How can I make a conference call?
    To make a conference call, Please follow the easy steps below:
    Dial the access number.

  • At the voice prompt, please enter your LYCATALK account number followed by PIN (if required) and then enter destination no.1 (line 1).
  • Press ** and dial destination no.2. Once 'line 2' is connected, it will automatically join your call.
  • Press ** and dial destination no.3. Once 'line 3' is connected, it will automatically join your call.
  • That's it! You can now talk to 3 people at the same time.

    How can I disconnect any number from a conference?
    All numbers in a conference call are connected as Line 1, Line 2 and Line 3
    If you wish to disconnect one of the callers just
    Press *1 for disconnecting 'line 1',
    Press *2 for disconnecting 'line 2' and
    Press *3 for disconnecting 'line 3'.

    After disconnecting any caller from a conference call, can I dial another destination?
    Yes you can always add a new caller after disconnecting any of the lines on a conference call.
    Please note that you can connect maximum up to 3 callers at any stage.
    To connect to a fourth destination:
    Please disconnect one of the connected lines, i.e. 'line 1', 'line 2', 'line 3'.
    If 'line 1' is disconnected, the fourth call will be interpreted as 'line 1'.

    Please note the following:
    Please do not press the 'dial' or 'enter' key after entering the destination number.
    Please do not 'select' the destination numbers from the 'contact list/phone book' of your phones/mobiles and press 'enter/dial' as this will generate a new call which will be charged by your phone/mobile operator.

    You will be charged separately for calling each destination number according to our applicable tariff and the total will be deducted from your account balance.

    You need to ensure that all the destinations are reachable otherwise you would have to disconnect your entire call.
    I.e. if you are connected to 'line 1' and 'line 2' and if 'line 3' is not reachable or not answered,
    it will keep ringing until you disconnect the entire call.

    How can I make quick and easy calls from a MOBILE?

    To make quick and easy calls, you need to register your mobile phones.

    Once you register your mobile phones, you can make quick and easy calls from your mobile without having to dial both the access number and the international number separately.


    How to enter a PAUSE?
    Depending on the mobile phone you use,
    You can enter a pause using the following procedure.

    • NOKIA Phones:

    • Press * key three times i.e. * * *, this will show as 'P' on your screen.
    • Siemens / Panasonic phones:

    • Press and hold '0', this will show as '+'
    • Motorola / Ericsson / Sony phones:

            Press and hold '*', this will show as 'P'
    For further instructions please read your mobile phone instruction manual or contact your phone manufacturer directly.


    How can I store numbers to make quick and easy calls from a MOBILE?
    To make quick and easy calls from your registered mobile without having to dial both the access number and the international number separately,

    SAVE the number by following the procedure listed below

    1. Enter the access number 215 108 69.
    2. Enter a Pause.
    3. Enter your international number including the 00 and SAVE it to your phonebook.

    FINALLY your entry should look like this:
    21510869 p (00 + country code + phone number).

    That's it! Next time you want to call, find the above stored number in your phonebook and call!

    Speed dial:
    Speed dial service is an excellent service to make quicker calls.

    This can be done by first registering your destination numbers with our services online or with customer services.

    You can register up to 9 destination numbers.

    Please follow the below mentioned process to use speed dial service after registering your number:
    a.  Dial access number
    b.  Enter PIN number (from unregistered phones)
    c.  Enter speed dial Key (1.9) when you are prompted to enter your destination number.
    d.  Press * after entering your speed enter number (Key),
    for e.g. if your destination number is registered at no. 1, dial 1* and it will attempt to connect immediately.

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