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What is LYCATALK & why should I use it?

  • LYCATALK is the easiest way to stay connected across the world with your friends   and family at the best prices with great call quality.

  • With LYCATALK you keep your account and top up whenever you want!

  • LYCATALK has:

                     No connection charges

                     No daily maintenance charges

                     No hidden charges

                     No expiry date.

  •     You just pay one flat rate per minute whenever you call!


  • LYCATALK service allows you to call anywhere in the world from a wide range of countries using any phone that you choose.

  • LYCATALK uses the latest technology solutions to divert your call to its destination  providing you with the most cost effective route and best quality for your call.

  • Rates are correct at time of updating the website on 08.08.07.

  • LYCATALK service gives you:

    Low Cost :

  • A quality low cost telecommunications service that will save you money on your international telephone calls.
  • You can make calls anytime at one low cost universal rate.
  • Our service has no hidden charges.
  • We offer the best prices.
  • Convenience :

  • There is no need to pay for this service using your credit or debit cards.
  • Once you purchase a LYCATALK card and voucher at your local store,
        you can start using the service immediately from your fixed line, your mobile phone or a  payphone.
  • You can even use the service abroad using our international access numbers.
  • You can call our customer services on 21510882 or email us at
  • By purchasing a LYCATALK VOUCHER you can top up the service over the phone by simply following the instructions after the voice prompt.
  • Choice :

  • You have the choice to use the best service provider for your calling needs - so you can still use your landline line for local calls and choose to use LYCATALK service for international calling requirements.
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